Fresh Garlic

Specialists in garlic production and export

Amefruits has more than 500 hectares of garlic of our own production where we grow all varieties such as purple garlic, White garlic, white spring garlic and violet spring garlic.
We are specialists in production, handling and preparation of all varieties of garlic. We adapt to any type of clothing for our clients.
purple garlic, also known as pink garlic, For many, it is the best garlic in the world for its aroma and flavor.. Their skin is white and purple in the area that covers their teeth.. It is medium in size and its heads are usually between 8 y 10 teeth.
White spring garlic is characterized by its large size and mild aroma and flavor.. Although it was originally grown in China, Nowadays the cultivation of white spring garlic is spread throughout the world.
Violet spring garlic's main characteristic is its large size and intense aroma and flavor.. Like white spring garlic, Violet spring garlic was originally cultivated in China and today its cultivation is widespread throughout the world..
White garlic is characterized by its rustic appearance and its resistance and fleshiness.. It is larger in size than purple garlic and is very easy to preserve.. White garlic is also characterized by having a persistent flavor and aromas..

We make all types of meshes and bulks